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Recreational Vehicles


ATV/ORV/ORM and Snowmobiles with expired decals (2023 or previous years) can be renewed by phone (additional 3% credit card transaction fee), by mail or in person. Call the office at 563-886-2230 with questions or for the correct renewal fee.  $5.00 penalty applied to each late renewal starting Jan. 1st, 2024. 

How to register boats, all-terrain vehicles, off-road vehicles, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles.

Boat Registrations and Titles

Current boat registrations expire April 30, every three years. Renewal fees are based on the length of the boat. A penalty of $5.00 is applied to any delinquent registration, or to a boat that is not transferred within 30 days of the purchase date. For current fees, contact the Recorder's office at (563) 886-2230.

Boats are transferred with a signed title, along with a bill of sale. (If the boat is not titled, a signed registration is required.) Boat titles are currently issued for boats 17 feet in length or longer, except canoes and kayaks. In addition, financial institutions can require titles for boats less than 17 feet long in order to put a lien on the title. The boat title fee is $13.50 with an additional $13.50 fee for titles with liens.

Sales of boats and other watercraft in Iowa are subject to the state sales tax rate of 6% and the applicable local option tax. This applies to sales by individuals as well as dealers. Anyone purchasing a boat from an individual must obtain a signed Bill of Sale that shows the cost of the boat. The buyer will then pay the sales tax on the cost of the boat to the County Recorder.

ATV, ORV, Snowmobile, and Dirt Bike Registrations & Titles

ATV, ORV, snowmobile, and dirt bike registrations expire December 31 of each year. The annual registration fee is $18.50.  A penalty of $5.00 is applied to any registration that is not renewed by the expiration date.  

If you are renewing by mail, please include $2 for postage and handling.  We also need your Driver's License number, social security number or DNR number in addition to the vehicle registration number or the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for renewal purposes.

Titles are required on all new and transferred ATV's, ORV's, snowmobiles, and dirt bikes. The title fees are $13.50. If a lien is attached to the title, an additional fee of $13.50 will be applied.

Before any registered ATV, ORV, snowmobile, or dirt bike can be transferred to a new owner, the seller must sign the back of the title and an original signed bill of sale. Any used snowmobile, ATV, ORV, and/or dirt bike coming into Iowa from another state must have a title (if applicable), registration, and original signed bill of sale.  Online registration receipts are not acceptable; we must have the permanent registration signed over from the seller.  All recreational vehicles sold to another individual must be accompanied by a signed Bill of Sale from the seller.  Effective July 1, 2009, all ATV, ORV, snowmobile and dirt bike casual sales are subject to sales tax.

If you purchase a recreational vehicle from a registered dealer, it is the dealer’s responsibility to send all paperwork and fees to the County Recorder for registration and transfer.

If you have any questions in regard to registering a recreational vehicle please contact the office. The rules and regulations are as per the Department of Natural Resources.