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Cedar County Iowa - Treasurer

Duties & Responsiblities

Cedar County Iowa - Treasurer

 The Cedar County Treasurer’s Office is Now Open. 

Appointments are required for all services in the Drivers License Department. Please call our Office  Phone number (563) 886 - 2557 to schedule an appointment. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding. EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2020 the Cedar County Treasurer’s Office will require customers to provide a bill of sale when transferring titles to motor vehicles between private parties. A bill of sale or purchase agreement is already required for vehicles purchased from a dealership

Click Here Bill of Sale Requirement 

Effective January 1, 2020


REAL ID Beginning Oct. 1, 2021, If you fly commercially you’ll either need a REAL ID license or ID or another acceptable 

identity documet or you're going to be subject to additional screening and potential delay. Don’t panic! We’re here to help you decide if a REAL ID license or ID is right for you. Click on the picture to learn more!

Duties of the Treasurer
Financial Management
Real Estate Division
Motor Vehicle Division
Collection of Property Taxes
Property Tax Payments
Notice of Delinquent Taxes
Tax Sale
Exemption/Credit Applications

Cedar County Treasurer's Contact

Cedar County Treasurer's Office
400 Cedar Street
Tipton, IA 52772

Hours Office Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.
Driver License Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 3:30 pm
By Appointment Only. Closed on Friday
Driver License Testing Appointments are required
Drive Test Appointments are required
Phone number: (563) 886-2557  
Fax number: (563) 886-3340

Office Holder: Sandy Delaney
Deputy: Ronda Gottschalk,

Deputy: Ashli Conrad

Deputy: Angie Brennan

Clerk: Raini Chapman

Clerk: Joyce Busher,

Clerk: Casandra Byrd,