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Hunting & Fishing Licenses


ATV/ORV/ORM and Snowmobiles with expired decals (2023 or previous years) can be renewed by phone (additional 3% credit card transaction fee), by mail or in person. Call the office at 563-886-2230 with questions or for the correct renewal fee.  $5.00 penalty applied to each late renewal starting Jan. 1st, 2024. 

Purchase hunting and fishing licenses in Cedar County.

Fishing Licenses

License Fees

Resident License Cost
Resident Fishing $22.00
Angler's Special - 3 Year Fish $62.00
Bonus Line - 3rd Fish Line $14.00
Lifetime Fishing (65 yrs+) $61.50
Lifetime Trout (65 yrs+) $65.00
Lifetime Trout (qualifying Veterans) $65.00
Outdoor Combo
Hunting | Fishing | Habitat
Trout Fish Fee $14.50
1-Day Fishing $10.50
7-Day Fishing $15.50
Boundary Water Trotline $26.00


Non-Resident License Cost
Non-Resident Fishing $48.00
Bonus Line - 3rd Fish Line $14.00
Trout Fish Fee $17.50
1-Day Fishing $12.00
3-Day Fishing $20.50
7-Day Fishing $37.50
Boundary Water Trotline $49.50

2024 Iowa Fishing Regulations

Special License for Residents

  1. Annual Free Fishing or Combination Hunting and Fishing licenses are available to residents of Iowa, 65 years or older with low income, or residents permanently disabled with low income.
  2. Disabled Veteran’s License – Available to Iowa residents that are a veteran as defined in Section 35.1, who was disabled, or who was a prisoner of war during their military service. Disabled means entitled to compensation under United States Code, Title 38, Ch. 11.

Applications and assistance for these special licenses are available at the Cedar County Recorder's Office.


The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is required to collect social security numbers from all persons obtaining a hunting, fishing or other recreational license under section 252J.8 of the Code of Iowa and 42 U.S. Code 666(a)(13). Your social security number will serve as your principal identification number to determine your eligibility for licenses. It will be provided to law enforcement agencies and the Iowa Child Support Collection Unit to establish, modify and enforce child support obligations. It WILL NOT appear on your hunting or fishing license.

Requirements for Purchasing Resident Licenses

Anglers must meet at least one of the following criteria to purchase a resident fishing license in Iowa:

  1. Have an Iowa driver’s license or Iowa non-operator’s identification card and have physically resided in Iowa 30 consecutive days immediately before applying for or purchasing a resident license.
  2. Be registered to vote in Iowa. Qualifications to register to vote are outlined in Iowa Code chapter 48A.5.
  3. Be a full-time student at an educational institution located in Iowa and reside in Iowa while attending the educational institution.
  4. Be a nonresident under 18 years of age whose parent is a resident of Iowa.
  5. Be a member of the armed forces of the United States on active duty and (a) stationed in Iowa or (b) is stationed outside of Iowa, claims residency in Iowa and has filed an Iowa income tax return for the preceding tax year.

More information about fishing licenses and regulations can be found on the Iowa DNR website.

Application form for Veteran Lifetime Trout License

Hunting Licenses

License Fees

Resident Hunting & Trapping Cost
Hunting $22
Lifetime Hunting $61.50
Hunting & Habitat $35.00
Apprentice* $35.00
Fur Harvest 16+ $26.00
Fur Harvest <16> $7.50
Hunter's Special - 3 year
Hunting & Habitat
Outdoor Combo 
Hunting | Fishing | Habitat
Fur Harvester | Habitat 16+ $39.00
Migratory Bird Fee $11.50
Habitat Fee $15.00


Resident Deer Hunting Cost
Any-Sex Tags $33.00
1st Antlerless Tag $28.50
Additional Antlerless $15.00
Landowner / Tenant Any-Sex $2.00
Landowner / Tenant Doe Tag $2.00
Landowner / Tenant Additional Doe Tags = 2 $15ea


Resident Turkey Hunting Cost
Turkey Tags $28.50
Landowner / Tenant Turkey $1.00


Non-Resident Hunting & Trapping Cost
Hunting & Habitat 18+ $144.00
Hunting & Habitat <18 $45.00
Apprentice* $144.00
5-day Hunting 18+** $77.00
5-day Hunting & Habitat 18+** $90.00
Migratory Bird Fee $11.50
Fur Harvester & Habitat $247.00
Fur Dealer 1 Day Only $294.50
Fur Dealer $588.50
Buck Tag*** $348.50
Mandatory Antlerless $149.50
Antlerless by County $266.50
Holiday Tag $91.00
Preference Point $60.50
Landowner Tag $266.50
Turkey Tags*** $119.00

*The Resident Apprentice License was introduced in 2016. For more information please refer to the Hunting Regulations Booklet.

**Not applicable to deer or turkey seasons.

***Pending lottery results.

 For more licenses and information, visit the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website. Fees and license offerings subject to change.