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Voluntary Payment Plan

This plan is most often used to satisfy probation/parole requirements, help with vehicle registration holds, and to avoid garnishments. The purpose of this plan is to maximize the potential for an individual to succeed at paying off their delinquent court debt.

Payment Plan Requirements

You may not qualify for a payment plan if you had a previous plan with the Cedar County Attorney’s Office and that plan is delinquent or revoked.

  • This payment plan will not affect the status of your driver’s license. The plan will not prevent suspension of your driver’s license for non-payment of traffic tickets. For a payment plan for your driver’s license please apply for the Driver’s License Reinstatement Program.
  • You will not qualify unless at least one case is 31 days past due from the disposition (sentencing) date.
  • You will not qualify if the total balance owed is less than $300 on ALL fines in Cedar County. 
  • Your case(s) must be from Cedar County. We cannot put cases from other counties on this payment plan.
  • You may be required to make a down payment. Any amount will be determined at the time of plan sign-up.


If you meet all of these qualifications, you may apply through Cedar County.