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Join the Cedar County Sheriff's Office.



1. Citizen of the United States and a resident of Iowa or intends to become a resident upon being employed.
2. Has reached his/her eighteenth birthday.
3. Has a valid operator’s license issued by the State of Iowa.
4. Is able to read and write the English language.
5. Is not a drug addict or a drunkard. Is of good moral character as determined by a thorough background investigation including a fingerprint search conducted of local, state and national fingerprint files and has not been convicted of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude.
6. Is not by reason of conscience or belief opposed to the use of force when appropriate or necessary to fulfill his/her duties.
7. Is a high school graduate with a diploma, or possesses an equivalency certificate which meets the minimum score required by the State of Iowa as determined by the State Department of Public Instruction.
8. Has an uncorrected vision of not less than 20-100 in either eye; correctable to 2-20 and normal color vision.
9. Has normal hearing in each ear as determined by an examining physician.
10. Has participated in an oral interview held by the hiring authority or representative(s), to determine such things as appearance, background and ability to communicate.
11. Able to write clear, readable reports.
12. Will be working nights, weekends, holidays, as well as week days.
13. Either possesses a Basic First Aid or EMT certificate, or willing to take the training.
14. Good communication skills.
15. Willing to take training required for the job.
16. Able to perform duties of Correctional Officer per job description.


The Correctional Officer is responsible for maintaining a jail facility, keeping the jail environment in a safe and secure manner. There are a variety of responsibilities involved in this function. While any of the following duty statements are part of this function, a combination of them may be required at the same time.
1. Supervises and controls inmate behavior during the functioning of the jail facility; monitors through surveillance devices; patrols hallways; resolves conflicts between inmates and staff; and inspects persons and areas.
2. Directs inmates while they are moving through the facility, monitoring actions and approving entry or exit.
3. Searches inmates; persons, clothing, living areas, and other facility areas for weapons or contraband.
4. Enforces procedures for secure areas; reading and updating post orders, post logs; operating security control panel and doors.
5. Maintains general security of the detention facility, stopping penetrations or escapes; reporting conditions of security perimeter, weapons or equipment; maintaining order with physical force, verbal conflict resolution or self-defense.
6. Counts inmates periodically, determining their location and recording inmates location lists.
7. Transports inmates safely and securely while outside the facility.
8. Operates and applies security equipment, operating cell controls, cell locks sallyports or gates, applying restraint devices.
9. Maintains fire safety; extinguishes small fires; investigates smoke or odors; inspects area for fire prevention; checks equipment wiring and safety devices; participates in fire prevention activities for staff and inmates.
10. Responds to emergency situations. Reviews emergency procedures to be initiated in case of fire, escape, or disaster or riot. Completes those procedures by searching for inmates, directing other officers, calling for assistance or maintaining equipment.
11. Prepares and serves inmate meals and is responsible for cleaning kitchen facility including dishes and all utensils used for food preparation.
12. Records and admits inmates into the detention facility; records inmate information on arrest cards and other documents; operates telephone to determine security checks or warrants; takes photographs; instructs inmates on rights, regulations and privileges; collects and records inmate funds; questions inmates and answers questions; maintains secure control of the inmate during admission.
13. Releases inmates from the facility; calculates date for proper release; reviews documents; checks inmate identity; reviews and releases inmate property; and records information on release documents.
14. Performs medical support services; administers medication to inmates; investigates inmate injuries and determines necessity of emergency medical treatment; supervises inmates during medical or dental treatment.
15. Applies first aid; administers cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Contacts Dispatch for medical support.
16. Classifies inmates; assigns inmates to housing areas; reviews arrest records.
17. Directs and controls special management inmates; reviews inmate status in isolation cells, holding cells or hospital areas; observes mentally ill or suicidal persons; monitors and logs behavior of inmates in segregation cells.
18. Enforces inmate rules and discipline; reviews incident reports, procedures for inmate discipline, inmate statements; investigates incidents; coordinates inmate disciplinary hearings; writes disciplinary action reports; enforces sanctions
19. Enforces procedures concerning inmate mail, telephone and access to courts. Instructs inmates on procedures; supervises inmates during legal meetings; logs incoming and outgoing mail; collects, distributes and inspects mail or packages.
20. Controls inmate visits and enforces visiting procedures; maintains visitors’ log; observes visitors and inmates during visits.
21. Investigates and reports inmate grievances; explains procedures to inmates; resolves grievances informally; records grievance details.
22. Supervises inmate activities, counseling, social services and religious services; supervises recreation activities; counsels inmates who are upset; and operates a library.
23. Directs and controls inmate work programs; assigns inmates to work details; distributes tools and cleaning implements.
24. Provides interpersonal and human relations skills to ensure health and welfare of inmates; recognizes symptoms of alcohol or drug abuse; recognizes violent behavioral characteristics; identifies inmate unrest; conducts tours for and gives information to visitors.
25. Conducts inmate support activities; notifies inmates concerning day’s schedule; controls TV use; arranges for haircuts; distributes and maintains records of commissary.
26. Directs and controls inmate hygiene, laundry and sanitation; issues and inventories razors; provides hygiene instruction; does inmate laundry, housekeeping and sanitation procedure.
27. Maintains inmate records and accounts; establishes inmate files; closes out records after release; updates records and daily activity report; receives money; maintains financial records; audits inmate money records; inventories, records and secures inmate personal property.
28. Maintains facility upkeep and maintenance; inventories supplies and equipment; inspects physical features of the facility; reports mechanical failures; monitors repair activities inside the facility.
29. May provide court security, court-related records and legal testimony; guards inmates in court; testifies in court cases.
30. Provides administrative support; investigates security breaches and inmate injuries; prepares reports; files documents; assists in preparing or updating policy and procedure manual.
31. Conducts and participates in employee orientation, training and communications; conducts pre-service, on-the-job training; participates in in-service and on-the-job training; reviews policy memoranda; attends staff meetings.
32. Performs physical activities to support the control and supervision of inmates; subdues attacking prisoners; operates restraint devices; walks or sits continuously; mops or sweeps floors.
33. Maintains direct contact with adult inmates and those who are physically handicapped.
34. Operates and maintains equipment, vehicles, tools and devices related to jail operations; drives a motor vehicle; operates a photograph camera; operates cell doors; and operates fire equipment.


Return application to Cedar County Sheriff's Office 711 E South St Tipton, Iowa 52772 OR ATTN: Correction Officer Application  


  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Department: Sheriff
  • Posted: 2/12/24
  • Expires: 3/1/24

Return completed applications to: Cedar County Sheriff's Office 711 E South St Tipton, Iowa 52772 OR ATTN: Correction Officer Application

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