Duties of Cedar County, Iowa Medical Examiner according to Section 331.801 Code of Iowa Book.

  Cedar County, Iowa - Medical Examiner

According to Section 331.801 Code of Iowa Book, a County Medical Examiner has the following duties:

A person's death which affects the public interest as specified in subsection 3 shall be reported to the county medical examiner.

If a person's death affects the public interest, the county medical examiner shall conduct a preliminary investigation of the cause and manner of death, prepare a written report of the findings, promptly submit the full report to the state medical examiner on forms prescribed for that purpose and submit a copy of the report to the county attorney.

When a death affecting the public interest occurs, the county medical examiner shall conduct the investigation in the manner required by the state medical examiner and shall
determine whether the public interest requires an autopsy or other special investigation. A person making an autopsy shall promptly file a complete record of the findings in the office of the state medical examiner. A summary of the findings resulting from a autopsy of a child under the age of two years whose death occurred in the manner specified in subsection 3, paragraph "j", shall be transmitted immediately by the physician who performed the autopsy to the county medical examiner.

In case of a sudden, violent, or suspicious death after which the body is buried without an investigation or autopsy, the county medical examiner, upon being advised of the facts, shall notify the county attorney.

Cedar County Medical Examiner Information

Address of
Medical Examiner office:
Office of Medical Examiner
113 Cottage Drive
Mechanicsville, IA 52306
Phone Number:
(563) 432-6971

Office Holder Name:
Medical Examiner Investigator
Connie Knutsen
Medical Examiner Forms:
Downloadable forms and documents used in the
Medical Examiners office

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State Medical Examiners office

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